Sleep Apnea Treatment

For sleep apnea Toronto treatment of mild or moderate cases (and also for some severe cases) Toronto sleep apnea dentist Dr. Richard Goodfellow recommends the dental approach where a patient wears an appliance or mouth guard at night during sleep.

Wearing this type of appliance while sleeping brings the lower jaw and tongue forward gently. This allows more air to enter the throat and the lungs. By creating additional space the airway is prevented from collapsing as it otherwise would.

These are special types of mouth guards that can only be properly selected, fitted and customized by a specially trained sleep apnea dentist.

Dentists known as TMJ dentists are a very good choice to seek out for sleep apnea Toronto treatment since their training and experience has made them very aware of the importance and precision required for a correct jaw position when they create a snoring or sleep apnea mouth guard for a patient.

The Thornton Adjustable Positioner 3 (TAP 3) is what is known as a mandibular (jaw) advancement device specifically for snoring or sleep apnea patients with these problems.

The TAP 3 device not only improves breathing but it also eliminates snoring in 95% of all patients who wear this particular mouth guard.

The TAP 3 mouth guard also an effective treatment thereby reducing the associated health concerns linked to this disorder.

Dr. Goodfellow holds the following degree related to sleep apnea and snoring: Diplomate Academy of clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines.

To find out more about how Toronto sleep apnea dentist Dr. Goodfellow uses the TAP 3 dental mouth guard and whether you would be a good candidate for it, simply call his office toll free at 1-877-564-9763.

Toronto area residents should feel free to ask any questions you may have when you call and/or book an appointment for an initial assessment.

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